Skin Repair, Regeneration, and Restoration

Professor V. Papageorgiou devoted 40 years of research to discover skin regenerating factors. Histoplastin Red®is the result of these investigations. It’a cream with strong regenerating, repair and anti-aging action. It speeds up the skin’s renewal process, restoring skin damages caused by aggravating factors of everyday life, such as:

Lack of sleep

Smoke in cafes, nightclubs

Bad weather

Atmospheric pollution


Unhealthy diet

Solar radiation

Heavy, frequent makeup

Normal skin aging

Premature aging caused by free radicals

Oxidative stress

Maybe you have already noticed signs of fatigue, such as dull, wrinkled, damaged skin prone to irritations. Even if such signs have not appeared yet, there is something you can do to prevent their future appearance. You can add some skin care habits into your daily routine, that will take only a few minutes.

What is Histoplastin Red® cream?

Histoplastin Red® cream is a strong regenerating, repair and restoring combination of three natural substances dispersed in virgin yellow beeswax.

Intended for the intensive care of skin and for the rapid restoration of its appearance and texture.

What does Histoplastin Red® cream contain?

It contains the extremely powerful skin regenerating factors found in the standardized extract from the roots of the plant Alkanna tinctoria along with the synergistic action of the terpenes from the Pistacia lentiscus Oleoresin and Olea Europaea


Has strong and rapid regenerative action.

Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin

Restores elasticity, firmness and facial contours.

Forms a powerful antioxidant protection film that blocks free radical damage.

Nourishes and restructures skin.

Boosts skin hydration.

Repairing cell damage from oxidative stress and combats dullness.


Reverses the signs of premature or normal aging.

Has powerful anti-aging action and erases fine lines and wrinkles.

Transforms skin bringing back its vitality and natural glow.

Leaves skin feeling velvety soft, looking healthy and younger

40 Υears of scientific research

20 Ιnternational patents

70 Scientific collaborators

Directions For Use

Accordion Panel

For deep nourishment, first clean your skin so as to open its pores and stimulate deep absorption. Apply Histoplastin Red®immediately after:

– Taking tepid shower

-Using Makeup Remover Cleansing Water

Apply a small amount equal to a lentil on the forehead, the cheeks and the chin. Gently massage with circular movements towards facial contours for 10-15 seconds until absorbed.

Histoplastin Red®is absorbed in 1-2 minutes.

Continue with other skincare products, such as serum, day cream, sunscreen or makeup.

* If needed, slightly pat your skin with your hands or cotton pads to remove the extra amount superficially; the deeper layers of skin need the bioactive ingredients of Histoplastin Red® to remain as a nourishing and regenerating base. Thus, do not rinse off.

You’ll see that daily use of Histoplastin Red® improves your complexion increasingly day after day. The appearance of your face is getting healthy and youthful radiating beauty and vitality. Its elasticity is restored and it looks firm, well rested and youthful.

When to apply Histoplastin Red®::
  • In the morning, before exposure to external factors; Histoplastin Red®acts like a protective barrier against environmental aggression.
  • Before bed, to let it act during the night. If you use night cream, Histoplastin Red®is applied first, as a base.
  • During the day, the longer it remains on your skin, the more it nourishes it. Repeat use every time you feel your skin needs it.
  • If you have a demanding schedule in your life that makes you get fewer hours of sleep than you need, if you stay up reading or nightclubbing and you feel your face is not pleasant in the morning, you can hide the signs of fatigue. Histoplastin Red® will make your face look well rested and fresh. If you apply makeup for coverage, Histoplastin Red® is applied first, as a regenerating basis.
  • It is the ideal product to apply immediately after scrub or chemical peel.
  • It soothes your skin after shaving or waxing.
  • Before entering the swimming pool, for protection against chlorine.
  • Before sun exposure, as a sunscreen base. So even if your skin is very sensitive, you will be protected.

To get the most out of the product, when you have time, apply an amount equal to 2 lentils on the forehead, the cheeks and the chin. In order to achieve better absorption and skin stimulation, gently massage every part of your face for 20-30 sec towards facial contours. For deep absorption and nourishment, apply when skin pores are open, i.e. immediately after:

  • taking tepid shower
  • Using Makeup Remover Cleansing Water

Leave it on for at least 1 hour. Half an hour may be sufficient for young skin. This is the minimum time required, while the longer the bioactive molecules remain on your skin, the more they nourish it. So don’t rinse off with water; after an hour-if needed- slightly pat skin instead.

Repeat this nourishing and anti-aging treatment everyday for 2 or 3 weeks if necessary.

  • You will feel your skin velvety from the first time applying it.
  • In 3 days, you will see skin appearance and texture visibly improved.
  • In 10-15 days, the results will impress you. The elasticity is restored and skin looks firm, healthy and bright. Fine lines are erased.
  • In 15-20 days, deeper lines have reduced significantly and regular use in the long-term can make them disappear.

Further Applications

Skin prone to Atopic Dermatitis

Apply frequently, so as to keep skin hydrated.

Histoplastin Red®reduces itching and irritations in a 100% natural way.

Skin Discoloration- Pigment spots -Melasma

Recent pigmented spots (created not more than 6 months ago) are easier to be treated in 1-2 weeks or 3 if larger. Chronic pigmented spots need more time to be treated and regular use.

Acne scars - injury or surgery scars

Regarding acne scars, frequent use of Histoplastin Red can give rapid results within 1-2 weeks. It takes longer to treat scars of larger size.

Apply repeatedly during the day, apply before bed to let the cream work during the night, use it as a makeup base or before sunscreen.

Stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations.

If recent, thus red, it is easier to treat them. White chronic ones require more time of regular use. For better absorption, apply a small amount after shower, so as to be immediately absorbed.

Skin prone to Acne

Frequent use helps to regulate sebum production and protects sebum from oxidation too; it also soothes irritations and redness. Apply the cream at night before bed or in the morning before makeup or sunscreen. It improves skin appearance and texture.